T45 is a striking collection of managerial and executive desks and tables. Bridging the gap between classic and modern, the T45 design combines extremely clean-cut silhouettes, heavyweight 38mm desktops and a strong personality with a high degree of functionality. The signature of the range is the distinctive 45° mitred joint between the top and the leg, hence the name. In addition to standard rectangular workstations, T45 is available as an L-shaped desk where the return unit can be either at a continuous height, supported by a pedestal or integrated credenza unit. T45 also offers a lower height return adding visual interest. Finishes may be mixed within individual workstations allowing the designer to layer and contrast vertical and horizontal finishes.
T45 meeting and boardroom tables are striking in their design. In addition to the 45° mitred joint the tables feature a substantial and impressive 75mm edge detail. Two leg options are available, the almost monolithic cubed pedestal leg and the elegant loop leg present two contrasting aesthetic alternatives. Both desks and tables have been designed to provide effective and discreet cable management.

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