We recycle, Resell, Reuse, Refurbish and Donate to Minimize Waste 

Recycling, reselling, reusing, refurbishing or donating to minimize waste. At Office Things Interiors, recyclability and reuse are each crucial to our design for the environment and Life Cycle Assessment processes. They define how our products are handled at the end of their useful life.

Our Environmental Partnerships

We have been setting up environmental partnerships in Ireland and the UK. The aim of these partnerships is to help our clients to find environmentally responsible ways to manage their products at the end of their original use. These options comprise:

  • Recycling thus minimising the amount of waste put into a landfill
  • Sale or donation to other businesses or organisations
  • Refurbishing furniture for re-use by the original owner or a new customer

We can then provide a variety of alternatives to sending unused furniture into landfills.

These environmental partnerships support our life cycle thinking approach to product design and development – one that considers the potential environmental impact of all stages of a product’s life – from material selection to end-of-use strategies.


Most of our products are easy to disassemble and up to 99% recyclable. We ensure recyclability of components by choosing the right raw materials using recycled content designing for quick & easy disassemble marking parts for proper recycling stream In addition, designing products with the end of a product’s useful life in mind led us offer a choice to either purchase the products, or lease and even return them after a predetermined period. Ask for our financial solutions.


We want to create the conditions in which our products can enjoy a ‘second life’. To minimize the amount of waste put into the landfill, we organize ‘re-use’ channels for products. Office Things Interiors is willing to help customers- on a case-by case basis- to evaluate, select and find an environmentally responsible method of managing their product at the end of their intended use like:

  • Take Back programs
  • Refurbishing programs
  • Sale or donation to other businesses or organizations

We also offer product leasing solutions and the possibility to return them after a pre-determined period. Ask for our financial solutions.

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