Bespoke business management services are tailored to your individual requirements. This will include the following business specific strategies and modules;

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Change management

The integral for business growth. We can measure your organisation’s capacity for change, assist with ensuring Staff positively engage within developments, and build a culture for embracing change into your organisation, resulting in the transition to a successful work environment.

Design strategy

Enriching and utilizing strategic methods within the design process, connecting the physical environment of the workplace to the business’ goals, therefore improving effectiveness and satisfaction for the user.

Real estate strategy

Establishing and creating a plan for the organisation’s real estate, linking the overall business plan.
This includes social, environmental and economic goals reflecting the flexibility to encapsulate and review changing conditions within the business.

Strategic measurement.

Development of purposeful scorecards; tracking aspects such as workplace improvements; effectiveness & efficiency of worker and workplace; environmental social and economic performance and other measures of pre and post-occupancy.

Standard development.

Establishing workplace standards providing simultaneous business efficiency, and a more organisational flexibility.

Network analysis.

Uncovering informal networks, strength & weakness mapping and identification of key network players, enhancing the capacity within the organisation for effective process, decision making, communication, innovation, and ultimately learning.

Alternative working strategies.

Determining appropriate use of on-demand space, teleworking, satellite offices and other preferred work arrangements. Consideration given to the social, environmental and economic aspects of these strategies, and their efficient implementation.

Workplace Piloting.

Testing physical spaces to measure user’s change of behavior & evaluating how these workplace strategies are representing & delivering value within the organisation

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