It costs companies more to own furniture than it does to buy it. With a complete menu of furniture and asset management services, Office Things Interiors can provide all your furniture services requirements.

Your overall costs will be reduced thanks to better processes and economies of scale. And your performance will increase thanks to our network of certified local providers.

Furniture Management Services

  • Moves, adds, changes: Perform people, equipment, and box moves, adds and changes.
  • Relocations and reconfigurations: Relocate and reconfigure furniture.
  • Repair and maintenance: Perform preventative and on-going maintenance to deliver warranty service, cleaning and repair.
  • Furniture project management: Manage large or complex furniture projects including new installations, moves, adds and changes.
  • Specification and design: Define project needs and objectives, develop preliminary plans and workspace layout utilizing your furniture and finish standards. Develop specification plans and installation drawings.
  • Transportation: Transport boxes, furniture and equipment from site-to-site as required.

Asset Management Services

  • Assessments: Review current practices and develop a business case to support process improvements and cost saving recommendations. Develop furniture and workspace standards.
  • Furniture brokering: Help broker and dispose of unneeded assets to maximize your return.
  • Redeployment: Create and implement a program to maximize redeployment of idle assets.
  • Implementation: Create a network of service providers to respond to your service needs. Establish local and regional warehouses to give you convenient access to your asset
  • Training: Create training to educate your organization on the benefits and use of its new asset management program.
  • Event inventories: Conduct inventory on in-use and stored furniture assets necessary to support organizational changes and special projects.
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