Arca is a modern and user-friendly working chair. The chair has number of mechanisms, that enable it to adjust to user’s needs. Synchro mechanism enforces proper sitting position and make “dynamic seating” possible. Proper position is also ensured by height adjustable backrest, seat with height- and depth-adjustment and adjustable armrests. Thanks to these regulations user can easily and efficiently minimize unpleasant effects of long work at the desk, improving its effectiveness.

Distinguishing feature of Arca, which makes it unique on the market, is the backrest with modern construction that allows for the most efficient adjustment to user’s spine, even while in motion. Its construction is designed in a way, that makes possible to lean, both to the sides and to the back.

All elements of the chair are made of superior materials. Thanks to various combination of patterns, textures and types of upholstery, one can easily customize this comfortable and aesthetic chair to any interior.



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