Overcoming the concept of executive office and act as the elements defined system. artisan care and value of the synthesized design in a unique collection. An example of a perfect balance between naturalness and modernity. A dense project of charm and suggestions where the design choices express a precise vocation to the primary forms, the simplicity and rigor.

A concept of “organic rationalism” dense of charm and suggestions in which the design choices express a precise vocation to primary forms, simplicity and rigor. An architecture reduced and inserted to characterize the environment.
The container coupled to the desk not only function, but a design that contributes to the perfect organization of work.

Noble materials, elegant furnishings, create special worthy of the artisan care of the made in Italy. A return to the fundamental reality, the essentiality of things, through the variation in primary elements. Simplicity and rigor define and characterize the X8 project.

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