mPosition For every location

At home:
After a hard day at work what you dream of is just a moment to relax. Regardless of whether you prefer to read a good book, listen to peaceful music, play a computer game to escape from this tiring world and into a better one, or visit some shops on the Internet, mPosition will ensure that you do so comfortably. Thanks to its superior design and the option to adjust the angle of the backrest, mPosition can be easily modified to be as comfortable as possible for you. Take a seat and cherish every moment of your free time.

At work:
We work in front of a computer for more and more time. Sending e-mails, designing, translating texts, writing dissertations and articles, preparing difficult analyses – your spine deserves comfort as you do all this. mPosition is a perfect solution for persons who spend most of their day using a computer and need to stay focused all the time. You no longer need to stand up to alter the position of your body – now it is enough to do it by simply adjusting mPosition.

Co-working is becoming more and more popular. Leasing space to people who pursue various professions enables them to inspire one another and to increase their motivation. mPosition is a multi-function workstation which occupies little space. It can be an interesting complement of the interior if you choose the proper colour for it. Open office space, friendly working environment, and using mPosition – it guarantees that many innovative solutions will be worked out.

Public space:
You must have had it at one time in your life or another: while at the airport, you suddenly recall that you forgot to transfer money, did not write address for an important meeting, and have many messages in your mailbox that you should have sent. At other times, you just need a moment of relax before the flight. mPosition gives you just that – this innovative armchair fits perfectly well into public space and it will make it possible for you to both catch up on what you have not done at work and “catch a breath” before travelling further.

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