• Ceiling lamp of uniform illumination.
  • Inspiration Random Light of Bertjan Pot.
  • Ideal for wide rooms and high ceilings.
  • Spherical structure made with glass fibre string.
  • Black or white available.
  • The carrying cable has a maximal length of 1,80 m.
  • It works with a bulb E27 of 40 W performance (not included)

The OVER 40 Lamp is a ceiling lamp of uniform illumination, inspired by the Random Light, designed in 1999 by Bertjan Pot. This lamp arises like an experimentation in terms of material and its look reflects the interest in the structures, patterns, techniques and exploration of the limits of its designer.

The Random Light, white or black available, presents a spherical, very original structure made of glass fibre strings saturated with epoxy-resin for a greater durability. The carrying cable has got a maximal length of 1,80 m, so that this model becomes especially recommendable for wide spaces and high ceilings like dining rooms and living rooms at home, but as well it is ideal to achieve a sophisticated effect in bars or restaurants.

Despite its string structure it provides a uniform illumination and it is, besides, very easy to get access to the bulb to replace it from the superior part of the lamp. If you dispose of a room with great dimensions, we recommend you to place two units, one next to the other, of different dimensions for a more attractive result.


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